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Join us as a Destination Specialist

We are recruiting talented, experienced travel consultants to join us as Destination Specialists.

If you are an experienced travel professional and would like to develop your own homeworking travel business or specialise in particular destinations or holiday types we will help you succeed.

Similarly, perhaps you have a diverse range of clients and book all sorts of travel and holidays. Working with The Travel Portfolio will give you access to some of the best commercial deals in the industry and a huge range of suppliers and in-house products.

Read further and get in touch to explore how we might work together for our mutual benefit and follow us on social media and in our blog posts where we regularly post about the jobs and opportunities available.

We look forward to working with you!

Travel Homeworking can be a bit of a minefield – we know that because we’ve been there!

We started as a homeworkers and have experienced the highs and lows, and everything in between, so we really understand what you need as a travel homeworker to succeed.
One of the most important things you’ll need is to have one-to-one support and business development to help you make a success of things. We don’t just give systems access and seduce you into joining us with what turn out to be empty promises.
We actively work with you to develop your brand like it’s one of our own, and we help you to put your ideas and plans into practice from day one.
You’re already an experienced travel consultant; that’s a given.
As a Destination Specialist with The Travel Portfolio you’ll not only be able to sell all the general travel and cruise products that you currently provide to your clients, you’ll have the chance to specialize in a specific destination, niche market or holiday type too.
We encourage you to travel as often as possible to your chosen destinations on familiarisation and educational trips, and your own personal travel.
You’ll know your destination inside out and share this detailed knowledge with your clients. This could be an area that you’ve become a bit of a specialist in already, or maybe you really want to specialise but haven’t had the opportunity or support to do so.
We’ll help you become a Destination Specialist and develop your niche as part of our Travel Portfolio. Your own website, tailored marketing strategy, unique products, excellent commercial agreements, systems, and industry contacts. In fact, everything you need to truly become the Destination Specialist in your chosen field.
For example, say you currently sell a lot of long haul and lean towards Asia. Perhaps you want to specialise in small group tours, or maybe what you really want to do is go niche market and promote street food tours. Great! With our help and experience you can do just that and before you know it your AsiaFoodTours.co.uk niche travel business is born!
Talk to us about what you would like to do in travel and let’s see if we can make it happen.
  • Individually tailored business development.
  • No joining fees!
  • One of the highest commission rates in the industry.
  • Marketing support.
  • Social media training, strategy & support.
  • Excellent commercial deals and exclusive offers & incentives.
  • Independence to operate your business your way.
  • Totally flexible working hours.
  • Low monthly fees.
  • Your own website.
  • Ability to fulfill our surplus leads.
  • Administration, systems & IT support.
  • Support with arranging events – from us and some of our key travel partners.
  • Part of The Travel Portfolio – with brands like Caribbean Dreams, Cruiselines.co.uk, Vacation USA and more.
  • Unlimited training and support tailored to your business needs.
  • Opportunities for Fam trips, ship visits & educational cruises.
  • Personal travel at nett rates.
  • An excellent relationship with Tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, tourist boards and other industry partners.
  • Support to develop your own niche market as a Destination Specialist.
  • Access to all the tour ops and travel products you need.
  • The ability to book directly with a selection of the top Destination Management Companies, bypassing the tour operators and significantly increasing your profits!
  • Ready to trade immediately after being trained on our systems.
  • Members of ABTA, ATOL, & CLIA, and access to our in-house IATA flights ticketing department.
  • Your own business, fully supported and assisted by our team, and partnered with the best in the industry.
  • A business that suits your lifestyle and encourages you travel the world!

Talk to us confidentially if you’re thinking about a becoming a travel homeworker or moving over from your current travel group.